European  Cream  Goldens


Male: European Cream Golden Retriever


Female: European Cream Golden Retriever


Female: European Cream Golden Retriever

Breed Information

The European Cream is not a separate breed but simply a different color variation and style of the Golden Retriever dog breed.  As beauty is in the eyes of the beholder each color appeals differently to each individual dog owner.  The European style is more popular with families and companion oriented owners.  No style is exclusively bread for such purposes. Ultimately it comes down to each individual breeder and owner preferences as to which color and style are preferred.  Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about our dogs and our breeding practices. 

Travel Info

We do provide travel for our puppies and have had 100% success with travel all over North America. Travel costs are usually around $450.00 above the cost of the puppy and will be added on to the final payment cost minus the reservation fee. Please contact us with any further questions. Free Shipping covers maximum $450 for a puppy's travel to their forever home.

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