She loves playing with lots of toys!  She always has at least 15 out all over the house!  She loves to play tug and fetch!  She wrestles with the boys and snuggles with them.  She listens well and trained easily to go outside to potty, sitting, give paw and lay.  She plays well  and gently with Zoey!  She has lots of energy and we are looking forward to better weather to play more outside!  Thanks for checking in!  Hope you and your family are doing well!  

Ken and Kristin 

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We do provide travel for our puppies and have had 100% success with travel all over North America. Travel costs are usually around $450.00 above the cost of the puppy and will be added on to the final payment cost minus the reservation fee. Please contact us with any further questions. Free Shipping covers maximum $450 for a puppy's travel to their forever home.

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